Juvenile Blood: the Fountain of Youth

While blood transfusion to replace lost blood is a standard medical practice, scientists have only just begun exploring the health benefits of transfusion of juvenile blood into old patients. Scientists at Stanford have recently shown that young blood improves muscle and liver regeneration as well as encouraging brain cell growth improving memory.

As endurance athletes can attest, juvenile blood plasma reduces recovery time allowing for longer training sessions with shorter recovery intervals. Unlike anabolic-androgenic steroids, erythropoietin and other performance enhancing drugs, juvenile blood plasma does not show up on drug tests. In fact, no professional or amateur athlete has been caught using juvenile blood plasma.

Although the potential benefits of juvenile blood plasma injection may seem limitless, juvenile blood use is not without risks. Blood plasma injections can result in allergic reactions and contraction of blood borne diseases. There are also risks for the blood plasma donor. Blood plasma donation can result in infection, hypocalcemia and overall reduction in vigor. While collection of blood from very young donors reduces the risk of blood borne diseases, young donors also have very limited blood volume making plasma collection more risky.

Animal blood fractions may provide greater health benefits than young human blood plasma. Scientists at the University of Colorado have shown that python blood can improve heart health. Unfortunately, the risk of allergic reaction is much greater from animal blood fractions. The use of only healthy animals is also important to avoid cross species disease transmission. Although most animal viruses cannot infect humans, repeated exposure to animal viruses increases the risk of infection from a human viable mutant viral variation.

While experimentation with animal blood fractions continue, many may continue to use juvenile human blood. The prevalence of juvenile blood plasma use in Hollywood has not been documented, but the adoption of children for blood harvesting may be on the rise. Indian juvenile blood farms have yet to be exposed, but the exploitation of the poor to increase the health and longevity of wealthy is well entrenched in American society.



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