I Want You to HIIT ME as Hard as You Can

High intensity interval training (HIIT) has been shown to provide all the benefits of conventional low intensity aerobic exercise (walking, jogging, cycling etc.) in less than half the time. HIIT sessions as short as 16 minutes 3 times a week improve maximal oxygen uptake and fat oxidation while reducing blood pressure and blood sugar in both men and women. Amazingly, these short, intense workouts provided greater improvements in weight loss and cardiovascular and metabolic health than conventional low intensity aerobic workouts.

A HIIT session consists of 8 short (2-minute) high-intensity work phases (90-95% of maximal heart rate) interspersed with short (2-minute) recovery phases (70% of maximal heart rate). Those accustomed to conventional low intensity exercise (70% of maximal heart rate), may find it difficult to maintain high-intensity for the duration of the work phase. If only lactate threshold (85% of the maximal heart rate) is maintained during the work phase, the additional benefits of HIIT are lost.

Some have turned to Eastern styles of exercise motivation to maintain high-intensity during training. While Western trainers rely on cheering, yelling and slapping to motivate athletes, HIIT motivational encouragement (HIIT ME) uses more controversial techniques. Fists, feet, and shinai swords (lengths of split bamboo bound together) are all used in traditional martial arts to strike students that are too slow or sloppy in technique. These same strategies are used in HIIT ME to keep trainees heart rates over 90% during high-intensity work phases.

To avoid serious injury, only qualified professionals should administer HIIT ME. The goal of HIIT ME is to motivate without affecting the ability of the trainee to perform the exercise. While some advise the use of electroshock-heart rate monitors to administer punishment for too low a heart rate while avoiding injury, trainees using electroshock fail to take advantage of the full benefits of HIIT ME.

The injuries sustained as a result of HIIT ME can help offset suboptimal work phase intensity. Wound healing increases metabolism lowering blood sugar and improving weight loss. While rapid weight loss has been documented in wound healing without exercise, doctors do not recommend weight loss programs focusing solely on injury.



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